About Us

About iResQ

iResQ is a Colorado foster-based animal rescue and rehabilitation non-profit organization dedicated to saving animals from the states with high euthanasia rates. We place our rescue animals in loving homes with naturopathic intervention that help the animals maintain good bacteria and immunity while bringing them back to good health.

We are dedicated to helping anyone in need, including other rescues that do not have the skillset to care for an animal or have too many animals in their possession.

The iResQ Difference

“The Power That Created The Body, Heals The Body”

Disease is just that, a body in “dis” “ease”. Whether you have 2 legs or 4, ALL disease is caused from a lack of vital nutrients or excess of foreign elements or chemicals that the body is not equipped to eliminate.

Nature holds the cure. Through remedies found in nature along with the bodies own ability to balance nutritional uptake and detoxification, all disease can cease, while health and wellbeing are restored.

As practiced animal rescue people, we have a naturopathic philosophy focused on building the best foundation of health for all animals in our care. We strive to build health from the ground up, stripping all negative health inhibiting factors like filth, mites, fleas, fungus and internal parasites. At the same time, we flood the body with beneficial, life enhancing nutrients, pre and pro-biotics, and natural herbal remedies. Within a very short time, nutritional gaps can be closed and toxins removed, recovering a strong immune system and providing the body with the tools it needs to heal itself. The result is thriving, healthy animals who are full of life and vitality.

Primarily, we realize that each being has its own unique set of needs that must be met to have the happiest, healthiest life possible. In addition to appropriate allopathic or conventional veterinary treatment, a holistic, natural approach to wellness is essential for your animal’s long-term good health. The most basic components of a healthy lifestyle include high quality food (free of “filler” or by-products, chemicals and other harmful ingredients), the right amount of outside exercise, necessary vaccinations, and lots of love.

Everything we do at iResQ gives your pet a jump start on aspects we consider ESSENTIAL to a healthy, balanced lifestyle, including:

  • Getting plenty of appropriate exercise.
  • Breathing fresh air and soaking up the sunshine.
  • Involvement in activities which are varied and challenging.
  • Having other animal friends and exposure to all types of humans; children, elderly, disabled.
  • Learning and practicing good manners.
  • Developing the self-confidence that is essential for minimizing stress and negative reactions.
  • Eating only healthy, grain free foods, without wheat, corn, soy, peas, potato, chicken, turkey, pork and beef. It’s critical to add trace minerals and organ meats (deficient in most packaged foods) to ensure the most balance nutrient dense diets.

Our pets are NOT exposed to chemical cleansers, sanitizers, pesticides, herbicides, fragrances, etc. that can cause short or long-term health problems. Because most of our animals come from high kill shelters where they have been over-vaccinated or exposed to toxins and other harmful cleaning chemicals, our first priority is always to recover health and bring their systems into balance through detox or increased natural supportive care.

We follow an informed and responsible vaccination schedule for our pets determined by our Veterinarian providers in conjunction with the AVMA & CVMA, considering first their current health condition and any health concerns. We strive to decrease over-medicating and over-vaccination, thereby limiting toxicity and adverse reactions. We only give vaccinations that have a proven, positive effect on health or increased immunity and limit medications and chemical treatments to ailments where it is “medically necessary” AND where there is not an equally effective natural remedy.

Click here for information about over vaccination and checking your pets current protection.